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    Home Index of Articles: Freelance Writing

    1. 5 Questions to Ask about Every Article Idea
    2. 10 Ways to Play the Numbers Game and Win
    3. Accept Guidance, But Don't use Editors as Crutches
    4. B2B Strategies for New Freelancers
    5. Babies to Olympic Sprinters, Clip by Clip
    6. Becoming an Expert Without Even Trying
    7. Beginner's Blues: How to Collect Samples, Testimonials, and References as a Freelancer
    8. Bored, Bothered & Bewildered
    9. Building a Portfolio
    10. Corporate Roads Less Traveled: A Guide For Freelance Writers
    11. Deadline Details
    12. Discipline is *NOT* a Four Letter Word
    13. The Editor's Nightmare Freelance Project
    14. Facing Your Freelancing Fears
    15. Feasting from the Holy Grail of Freelancing
    16. Finding the Time to Freelance
    17. Five Great Ways to Write (at Work!)
    18. Follow Instructions and Stop Wasting Time
    19. Freelance Writing on the Internet
    20. Freelancing: Setting Your Rates and Raising Your Rates
    21. From the Dishwasher Froths Success
    22. Gathering Clips
    23. Getting Examples and Scoring Samples
    24. How to Outgrow "Write What You Know"
    25. How to Sell Everything You Write to Publishers Here and Abroad Using the Internet and E-mail
    26. If the Door is Closed, Use the Window!
    27. Introduce Yourself to Local Markets
    28. Justifying Your Rates
    29. Keep in Touch
    30. Know the Traget Before Firing the Query
    31. The Language of Freelance Marketing
    32. Lions in the (Freelance) Writing Jungle
    33. Markets, Get Your Markets Here!
    34. Mastering the Fine Art of Formal Informality
    35. Negotiating Electronic Rights: At What Cost?
    36. Negotiating Right: Get What You Deserve
    37. Old Clients Remember Quality Work
    38. Payment Upon Persistence
    39. Petty Things, Big Savings
    40. Publications to Query
    41. Query Plunge: Now or Later?
    42. Realizations
    43. Remember Writing for Pleasure?
    44. Research Writing Markets for Maximum Sales
    45. Searching for (Rusty) Fischer!
    46. Season's Greedings: Making the Most of Those Treasured Holiday Moments, Six Months in Advance!
    47. Should You Always Include an SASE?
    48. Snoop Around for Insider Info
    49. Spaghetti with Cheese: Those Defining Details
    50. The Stuff E-mail Queries Are Made Of
    51. Supply-Side Freelance Writing
    52. Taking the Plunge: The Shift to Freelancing
    53. The Timetable Technique: It Can Work for You
    54. To Sign or Not to Sign
    55. Too Much Freelance Freedom?
    56. What can You do to Find Out if Your Submission is Accepted or Rejected?
    57. Why, Oh Why?
    58. Why the Editor is not the Enemy
    59. Writing a Killer Query Letter
    60. Writing for a Book Packager -- How to Cash In On An Often Under-Exploited Market
    61. Writing for Teens
    62. Writing Registry: A Must for Freelancers
    63. You Can Be a Freelance Writer!

    The Authentic Self: Journaling Your Joys, Griefs and Everything in Between by Shery Russ

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    The Journaling Life: 21 Types of Journals You Can Create to Express Yourself and Record Pieces of Your Life

    The Authentic Self: Journaling Your Joys, Griefs and Everything in Between

    Journaling Kit - Four Journaling Books to help you put your life and memories on paper


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