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How to get your book into print
Basically, you have 4 options: Traditional publishing houses, Print-on-demand publishing houses, Self-publishing avenues and Pathfinder Paperbacks.

Print on Demand

This list was originally compiled by Jaeyel Imes and Sarah Mankowski. They compiled, not only a a list of PODís, but also the inside scoop on what makes their services the best.

Links are also provided to their sites so you, the author, can make the best decision based on researcg as to which company you want to do business with.

The sites are listed in alphabetical order and are reviewed independently by authors who have published with that publisher.

To submit a review, contact me at

Please understand that I can not financially compensate for reviews but that you are helping potential customers make the best decisions. Please keep a note that these are only opinions of the reviewers and the webmaster and your experience can be different.

1stBooks - This company claims to have made a profit in the past year. They are high priced; but from my understanding, they are one of the best in the business when it comes to timely deliveries and author recommendations.Babbage Press - For the author who believes the old adage "I should not have to PAY to be PUBLISHED" this is the company for you. They pay a royalty upon acceptance of the manuscript. They are extremely selective because they also operate like a traditional publisher.

Bookbooters - At the time of this siteís creation, no information was available.

Booklocker - This company specializes in ebooks; but they do POD too. There is no charge for ebooks but only $199 for POD. They give 35% royalties, which are the highest for POD books. They also encourage authors to purchase their own ISBNís. This company is recommended for those who really want their own company; based on their published contract.

FirstPublish - Costs $1495 per book. Contracts now include a clause that says the author has to pay the (actual printing) cost of the book before they will send them out to bookstores, distributors, etc.

FoxAcePress - They refer to their works as Books On Demand and D-Books. At the time of publication; it is not known whether or not they are a subsidy or traditional publisher. They refer to themselves as a Small Publishing Press. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact me at

FreedomToPublish - Have just begun their POD services. They offer a-la-carte services and their services levels are based on the length of the manuscript.

GreatUNpublished - This company has a set fee of $99. They have customized covers for the genres with the author having the ability to submit a photo for the cover. They have been known to produce high quality books within 3-6 weeks, depending on author response. They also, in cooperation with, offer a $199 GU Special Imprint Program in which the author can have full control over the price and the books production and have their own imprint label.

Gopher Publishers - A new Scottish POD company. The staff are friendly, extremely helpful and you get a fair amount of say in book cover design. They are trying to get into bookstores, they do book signings, send out editorial review copies to newspapers and really do care about their authors. Fee is dependent on book.

IndyPublishing - This is a relatively new company in the Print On Demand field. To date, they offer some of the best a-la-carte services regardless of service level. Services for all levels include: the ability to produce work in hardcover; choosing cover graphics; being able to set your price above the suggested price.

InfinityPublishing - The publishing arm of; they have a set fee of $400 for all authors. They provide you with a nice print on demand pamphlet explaining all of their services. They also teach the author how to set the manuscript to their specifications.

iUniverse - One of the oldest PODís around. This company has an affiliation with Barnes and Nobles and is looking to expand in the corporate publishing field. This publisher takes printing rights but lets the author retain electronic rights. The contract period is for 3 years and renewable every year thereafter.

PageFree Publishing Inc - also publish an imprint of ebooks on CD, offers all rights, 75% net royalities, complete control. Cost based on word count, begin at $299, which includes ISBN, cover design and distribution through Books in Print, Ingram and their booksellers. Also offer other options such as in-depth editing etc.

Protea Publishing - This company is an imprint of Johan du Toit. This company operates just like a traditional publisher with POD technology. They take exclusive rights to your book. Although it is not believed that they pay an advance; they do offer royalty increases as indicated on their contract.

PublishAMerica - This company does not charge a fee to publish. They either accept or reject work and they operate like a traditional publisher. Author retains rights to the book.

Trafford Publishing - Charges $995 fee for publishing your book. They do have cheaper rates but the aboved mentioned price gets you marketing and legal help with setting up your book. Author sets retail price and controls most of the production.Virtual Bookworm - They charge low setup fees but you pay for storage per year. Have different service levels and add ons.

Xlibris - One of the most successful PODís that have stood the test of time, Xlibris is part owned by Random House Ventures. One of the originators of the a-la-carte package; their services start at $200 for core services.

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GET YOUR BOOK... »Written  »Critiqued  »Proofread  »Copyrighted  »Into Print  »Promoted
Explore... »writer's review  »writer's toolkit  »writer's jungle  »POD survey  »author gallery
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