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The online solution to copyrighting
Just upload your manuscript and voila! It couldn't be easier to get your work protected. You've worked hard to produce your novel, so spending a little time and effort on getting it protected is the sensible thing to do.

In the UK you do not need to apply for copyright, you merely add the copyright symbol to your work.

Isn't your hard work worth $69 to protect? We know it is.

At Click&Copyright we help writers, musicians, artists, web site owners, and songwriters obtain US Copyrights for their creative works. All you have to do is give us a few minutes of your time and few clicks of your mouse to protect your work.

We do the rest.

Our service includes the U.S. Copyright Office as well! In most cases you can simply email us your work and we'll take care of filing the correct copyright application along with your material. Yes, it's really that simple! You've spent so much time creating your great work. . . Now spend $69 to protect it.

Click here to protect your work

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GET YOUR BOOK... »Written  »Critiqued  »Proofread  »Copyrighted  »Into Print  »Promoted
Explore... »writer's review  »writer's toolkit  »writer's jungle  »POD survey  »author gallery
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