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    I've Got Content, But I Need Readers. What do I do?

    The Ailment: I have managed to secure a writing job providing content for a website, but I need to encourage more people to look at it so that I can earn some money. Any suggestions?

    The Cure: Site promotion is a time-taking business, but it does pay off it you are paid by the amount of visitors who come to your site, or the amount of clicks you have etc. I would suggest the following tactics.

    1. Write your article, column, tip or whatever.

    2. Publish it at the site and make a note of the URL it appears at.
    3. Spend an hour putting the URL in various search engines. Use the ones that allow you to submit to several sites at once or you could be there several hours instead of one. Also make sure you only submit to search engines appropriate to your subject area. If you aren't doing an academic related subject, don't tick the box of any search engine that is only interested in academic topics. Remember that some sites will take a few weeks to accept your page and so it may take a while before you start to notice an increase in traffic from this promotion. Take care with your wording in the boxes. You have limited space so make sure you are clear about what your article is about, and that it looks interesting enough to make people want to read it. Also be careful with your keywords. Use words that are specific to your article.

    4. If you have a signature line on your email, change it regularly to advertise the content of your site - and make it a live link that people just have to click on to be taken to your site.

    Other promotion ideas:

    Put out a Newsletter connected to your site. Advertise it wherever you can - at the site itself, an additional line in your email signature - again with a live link to the sign-up page. Use the Newsletter to promote forthcoming articles and columns.

    Actively promote your Newsletter in the appropriate mailing lists at places such as and

    Join the mailing lists of subjects specific to your subject area. Don't go in there and announce yourself and tell people to come to your site - many sites will treat this as spam. Join in discussions, share your knowledge - and always make sure that your email signature is perfect. This is non-assertive promotion and it does work because these people are genuinely interested in the subject matter, and if they see a signature promoting a website on the subject, many of them will visit.

    Find ezines that are interested in your subject area and offer to write a short article for them. Many of these don't pay but they will offer you a link to your website - and traffic to your website gets you paid right?

    I hope that some of these ideas work for you. I have used them in the past and have noticed an increase in traffic as a result.

    Good luck.

    Copyright © 2001 Katie Gustafsson

    Katie Gustafsson is an English freelance writer/translator/poet who lives in Sweden with her soul-mate/husband (whom she met online), Mikael, and their baby son, Jake. Her writing credits include print and on-line publications in short stories, articles and poetry. Recent articles include work for Amateur Chef magazine, and where she is the guide for the USA for Foreigners section. She is owns the Wake Up Writing site.

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    The Journaling Life: 21 Types of Journals You Can Create to Express Yourself and Record Pieces of Your Life

    The Authentic Self: Journaling Your Joys, Griefs and Everything in Between

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